Cheese boards are all the rage lately and show no signs of stopping being a popular treat for parties and gatherings anytime soon. They are not only beautiful to look at with the intricate details and assortment of colors, but include mouthwatering cheese from around the world. You can make the most humble cheese board or take it to the next level and combine it with crackers, dips, vegetables, and anything you think compliments the various cheeses, turning it into the ultimate platter. Let’s break down how you can make the best cheese board for your upcoming gathering. 


How to Make a Cheese Board

The best part about putting together a cheese board or expanding it to a charcuterie board is that there aren’t any cooking techniques that you need to know in order to do it. All you need is a good understanding of flavor combinations and a wide selection of ingredients to pair together. 

Making a cheese board involves mostly a lot of cutting and knife work. You can opt for whole chunks of cheese on the board, but you’ll still need a knife to cut them up for serving later. It’s completely up to your choice if you cut or leave the cheese whole in the beginning. Generally, bite-size chunks are better than slices. After all of your chosen ingredients are chopped up, arrange them beautifully across the board for your guests to enjoy. There’s nothing difficult about it. No cooking is even required. 


Must-have Tools for Cheese Boards

A sharp blade is a handy tool in the kitchen and especially for all the cutting, you have to do to assemble a cheese board. There are, however, a few more specialized tools we recommend to have in your arsenal.


How to Serve a Cheese Board

But wait, what and how to serve a cheese board to guests? There are two serving components to consider: the board and the means for grabbing the delectable products from it. 


Many cheeseboard connoisseurs prefer using a natural and beautifully finished cutting board as the base of their cheeseboard. As an alternative, you can find cheese board sets that are made especially for that task such as the Berard Classic Wax Finish Olive Wood Cheese Board With Knife


As for serving, you can decide beforehand if the board is intended to be “finger food” as in easily grabbed by hand or require utensils. A great way to serve a cheese board is to add toothpicks or similar food-grade picks into the items or offer them from the side to ensure easy pick-up of anything on your board. 


Cheese Board Ideas

Want a little extra inspiration for your next cheese board? Try making them according to these flavor combinations and themes if you don’t know where to start. 


The Sweet Board — Make a cheese board that emphasizes the unique flavor of the cheese and accompanies sweeter elements. There is a broad range of ingredients you can use for the sweeter elements. Fruit is the go-to choice for sweeter cheese boards. Just about any type of fruit works but many consumers enjoy the combination of berries with cheese. Add honey and a variety of nuts for additional sweetness. Types of cheese that pair well with savory food are Gouda, Cheddar, Triple Crème, and Brie. 


The Savory Board — Meat combined with cheese is typically referred to as a charcuterie board rather than a cheese board, but there are many other savory ingredients you can add to your board that aren't meat if you want to leave that out. Olives, pickles, nuts, salty crackers, and other vegetables are a few great ideas if you want to lean more towards the savory side than sweet. 


The Vegan Cheese Board — Want no meat and no animal-produced cheese on your board? It’s completely doable! With the variety of vegan cheese options available in stores now reminiscent of all your favorite cheese, you can make a completely plant-based cheese board and serve it up at your next picnic or gathering. 


The Classic Cheese Board — You can’t go wrong with the classics. If you want a simple and to-the-point cheese board all you need are the basics. Add Gouda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Brie, and blue cheese to the board. Pair it with a few almonds and crackers or breadsticks. These are considered as the absolute base ingredients for a delicious cheese board and sometimes that’s all you need!


Happy cooking!