Moving into your first new home or just to a new space in general? Then you most likely have a long shopping list to fully equip your new space with. We’ve decided to make this task a little easier on you, at least when it comes to your kitchen. Read more for a compiled list of all the kitchen essentials you’ll need along with what you can leave for later if you’re on a slim budget for the initial haul. 

1. Cookware Essentials

It’s difficult to imagine a kitchen without cookware if you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time there. Cookware is a relatively broad category so let’s break it down to understand the essentials. For everyday home cooking, you won’t need many of the specialty cookware items that are used for specific cuisines, such as Paella pans or tagines for example. But to start off, you’ll definitely need a handy pan and pot as your two most essential kitchen items. A large, non-stick pan is a great choice to opt for since it’s great for anything from fried eggs to stir fry. A stew pan is the next must-have on your list since shallow pans are not efficient for boiling or braising ingredients. Afterwards, you can start building up your cookware collection with more items such as saute pans, woks, saucepans, and more!  

2. A Sturdy Knife Set

A high-quality knife is a tool everyone needs in the kitchen from everyday cooks to professional chefs to make cooking as hassle-free as possible. As surprising as it may sound, a sharp and durable bladed knife from a trusted brand is something that may cost as much as your cookware, and it’s completely worth it! With the right maintenance through storage and sharpening, a durable knife can last you decades in the kitchen. Opt for buying a complete knife set with its rack that includes a variety of blades, such as: a paring knife, Chef’s knife, bread knife, butcher knife, and others. One type of knife that should be at the top of your checklist though, is the Chef’s knife. It is essentially a multi-purpose knife that is a go-to tool for cooks in the kitchen for anything from slicing to chopping and dicing. 

3. Kitchen Tools and Utensils Must-Haves 

Don’t forget about the smallest details in your kitchen, because chances are that they make the most difference! You’ll be surprised by the dozens of different utensils you’ll need when you spend significant time cooking or baking. For starters, it can’t hurt to stock up your kitchen with a cutting board, kitchen scissors, spatula or food turner, pair of tongs, strainer, and grater. These are the absolute kitchen necessities in terms of smaller tools and utensils. However, there’s many others to consider either from the beginning or later on depending on if you see a need for them. For example, if you love baking then you should consider shopping for utensils that are delegated to this task. This includes anything from measuring cups, kitchen scales, to whisks and mixing bowls. Don’t let this list intimidate you as kitchen utensils are much more affordable compared to other kitchen supplies and they take up less storage space. 

4. Bakeware Basics 

Just about anyone loves a homemade oven roast or a warm and soft dessert. There are a few bakeware basics that you’ll need to make some of your favorite meals in the oven. If you’ll be baking cakes, then getting a simple springform baking pan is an item that will surely come in handy for easy use. A baking sheet and cooling rack is a bakeware combo that you can’t go wrong with since you’ll get hundreds of uses out of just these two items from savory to sweet baking. For more specialty baking, you can consider baking moulds, pie dishes, pizza stones, bread bakers, and many more! The amount of bakeware products you can find that are designed for specific recipes are nearly endless. As long as you determine what you’ll be cooking more or less of, then you’ll know exactly which items to get for your kitchen. 

5. Tableware to Share

Last, but not least, we need to mention tableware essentials. Although they technically are more for your dining experience rather than cooking, they still are nonetheless the cherry on top for your kitchen shopping supply list. How you serve your meals are just as important as what you serve. And you won’t be able to serve at all without proper tableware. Besides plates, cups, bowls as your absolute essentials, you can go above and beyond with a few specialty tableware items. After all, anything spent to boost your dining experience is certainly not in vain. Salad servers, honey dippers, ramekins, butter dishes, and wooden cheese trays are among a few superb tableware products that you can find at Zestspot’s online shop.