If baking has a special place in your heart, then you look at new baking utensils and accessories with the same expression others may look at a new clothing collection. Measuring cups and mixing bowls aside, there are still many things you need for baking on the regular. We’ve compiled a list of baking tools and equipment that both beginners and professionals alike should consider must-haves to make life in the heated kitchen just a little cooler. 

1. Emile Henry Lin Baguette Baker

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French pastries and baked goods are among the most favored in each corner of the world. If baguettes especially is something you whip up in the kitchen more often than not, then a specialized baguette baker, we suggest the one from Emile Henry, will make the process easier than ever. This is especially a must-have for professional bakers or if you own a bakery. 

2. Cuisipro Silver Dough Scraper

Are you still using spoons, knives, or any other kitchen utensil you have at hand to scrape down and section your dough? It’s time to upgrade to a dough scraper then. This is one of the absolute baking essentials you need in the kitchen if you significantly work with dough. Cuisipro’s silver dough scraper has sharp edges for a smooth glide each time and a comfortable wooden handle. If you’re looking for more of a professional dough scraper, Zestspot’s online shop also carries models with measurements carved on the blade. 

3. Emile Henry Grand Cru Crown Baker


This state of the art Cru Crown Baker by Emile Henry is an absolute favorite by bakers all around. Just like the baguette baker, this ceramic baker provides a set mould for your dough to be measured out precisely and cook evenly each time. It is made of ceramic and yields eight bread rolls in one bake.

4. Emile Henry Fusain Ridged Pizza Stone



The next best thing after baking a pizza is eating it. Not everyone has a pizza oven in the quality of their own home and this is where the pizza stone comes in. This ridged pizza stone by Emile Henry is extremely heat resistant up to temperatures of +450°C / 842°F and provides an evenly-cooked and golden pizza to come out of the oven each time. The best part is the pizza stone itself can double as a serving platter once it has cooled. 

5. De Buyer Stainless Steel Mini Piston Funnel

A mini piston funnel is a kitchen utensil we’d like to categorize as professional baking equipment. Beginners may not get much use out of it, but pro bakers and pastry chefs will find this tool especially handy for sauces, decorating, and filling. Its stainless steel shell allows it to be used with both hot and cold substances. 

6. Cuisipro Egg Whisk

Undoubtedly, one thing every home baker needs in their kitchen is a handy whisk. This egg whisk from Cuisipro is definitely no ordinary whisk though. It’s bubbled, heat-resistant head is perfect for adding volume to a frothy egg mixture along and for sauces too!  If you’re a beginner to the world of baking, make sure you have a regular whisk before investing in specialty whisks. 

7.Gobel Loose Non-Stick Quiche Mold 

If you want to take your quiches to the next level, it’s time to upgrade from using a regular spring-form or pie pan to a specialized quiche mold. What’s the difference you may be wondering? A quiche pan’s edges fall straight down as opposed to the sloped edges of a pie pan, which allows more crust and filling. 

8. De Buyer Silicone Silicon Non-Stick Pastry Mat

The secret to perfect, uniform macarons? A dedicated baking mat! De Buyer’s non-stick pastry mat is made specially for baking macarons and biscuits with ease. And the best part is that the forms don’t wipe away from the silicone baking sheet and can be reused over and over again. 

9. Cuisipro Brown Professional Pastry Brush

For that golden brown finish, a professional pastry brush is a bakeware essential to coat your baked goods with before they go into the oven. A bristled brush is often more favored instead of a silicone brush since it is better for delicate tasks and the substance is less likely to clump up after use. 

10. Polypropylene Fiberglass Baking Set

If you’ve gone through an uncountable amount of piping bags throughout your life, then you’ll love this fibreglass syringe by De Buyer. This advanced baking tool takes all the hassle out of constantly readjusting your piping bag or trying to squeeze all of the contents out that are stuck from the sides. It pushes down any creams, mousses, and even choux pastry with ease. 

11. Emile Henry Provence Cheese Baker

Have you heard of a cheese baker? That’s all the more reason to consider getting one and not falling behind on the latest bakeware trends. Beginner and professional bakers alike will surely make use of a cheese baker to try out lovely baked brie recipes to serve up to friends and family. We recommend this Provence cheese baker by Emile Henry that’s not only a guarantee on quality, but it’s also available in a range of beautiful colors to match any kitchen.

12. Silicone Loafs Mould

Coming to replace metallic moulds and baking pans are silicone moulds. They are multi-purpose for both hot and cold use, allowing even shaping and for whatever you’re baking to pop out of it with ease. This silicone loaf mould by De Buyer is one of the many types of silicone moulds you’ll find in the shop. Find anything from cupcake to madeleine moulds!