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Transport yourself into a quaint house on the shores of the south of France by stocking your kitchen with Bérard wooden kitchen tools. Whether you are looking to find a specific product or two or redefine the entire style of your tableware, then Bérard olive wood utensils can be the perfect accompaniment. Did you know that certain metallic utensils can be affected by acidic products such as tomatoes and lemon? Toss and serve your salads with beautiful, olive wood spoons and servers for your next meal. Combine the natural roots of your dishes with the finest utensils nature can provide.

Who doesn’t love multi-purpose kitchenware? With an increasing demand for rustic tableware, serving meals on wooden cutting boards is more prominent than before. Combined with Bérard’s excellent craftsmanship and durability, serving any of your next meals on Bérard cutting boards will leave your guests with an unforgettable dining experience. From a fancy dinner to an outdoor picnic charcuterie board accompanied by a glass of wine, Bérard will engulf you with the subtle art of the French dining experience. 

An organized and clean kitchen is always a desirable sight for the cook. It’s impossible to go wrong with a simple and minimal design for kitchen organization. Find anything from glass pantry containers, olive wood mortars, salt and pepper shakers, and spice keepers with Bérard. All of this in their signature olive wood and black-and-white wax finish. Shop for Bérard kitchen utensils from Zestspot to directly bring the Southern France climate to your Canadian household today.