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Explore our latest must-have collections.

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Connecting food, family & friends. The table where you eat is also the table where you connect. Cuisipro’s practical design, reliable quality, and clever innovation inspire cooks of all skill sets. Whether it is a family dinner, a casual coffee with neighbors, or baking with the kids, Cuisipro can be part of preparing and serving the food you love. Cuisipro is a cookware manufacturer founded in Canada, yet they have expanded to cater their kitchenware across the United States as well. 

Cuisipro offers a vast, reliable, and high-quality collection of kitchenware for both savory and sweet cooking. Box graters, zesters, mandolines, serving utensils and much more are in store for you to peel and chop your way with ease in the kitchen.  

Cuisipro Line of Bakeware 

Having a sweet tooth is not only acceptable, but it’s recommended when shopping with Cuisipro! Why? Because their array of pastry utensils and bakeware products are an absolute delight to work with and can awaken the inner baker in just about anyone. Find pastry blenders, bowl scrapers, rolling pins, flour sifters, pastry brushes, and more at Zestspot. With measurements on their dough cutter, it’s already evident that Cuisipro puts in immense thought to the usability of each product. Fill cupcakes with delicious fillings with the use of a cupcake corer. 

Kitchenware Line of Cuisipro 

Specialty cooking at home or in your commercial kitchen can be made easy with Cuisipro kitchenware. After all, Cuisipro’s vision is not only to cater to current cooking standards but innovate and pave the path for newer, better kitchenware. A few highlights of Cuisipro specialty cooking items that you can find at Zestspot are their collapsable yogurt maker, mini ice-cream sandwich maker, herb keeper, and fat separator. Dinner parties, especially around the holidays, are made easy with Cuisipro’s selection of turkey basters, roasting, racks, and anything else you’ll need to cook up a feast. 

Not only does Cuisipro shine with its functionality and durability, but the look and feel of all of their products are custom-tailored to enhance the cooking experience for all cooks. The modern red-white-black theme across the majority of their products ties everything together to function as an entire cohesive set of kitchenware.